July 8, 2019

Singin' in the Rain / Weller Special Reserve

Singin' in the Rain / Weller Special Reserve

The guys sit down to watch their second musical, and this one just so happens to be the most universally-beloved film musical of all time: 1952’s Singin’ in the Rain. They’re in the unique position of being able to compare it to An American in Paris, and do they ever.

First, they wonder about director Stanley Donen and his decisions throughout the film, especially having characters break the fourth wall. Still, the camera work is impressive, and you’ve got the always-great Gene Kelly in the lead role. Bob wonders how Debbie Reynolds, great as she is, ever landed this role. But both hosts agree that Donald O’Connor is a national treasure and by far the most underrated part of the movie.

For their whiskey selection, the guys continue the Summer of Bourbon series with Weller Special Reserve, discussing the “wheated” bourbon name, its relation to Pappy Van Winkle, and how every tier of the Weller vertical lineup is benefiting from the Pappy boom.

After the break, they discuss Kelly’s performance and debate whether he was better here or in American in Paris. They also share their thoughts on the famous Hollywood story of Kelly’s cruelty to Reynolds, and how she found guidance from one Fred Astaire.

0:00 - Intro and Initial Thoughts
26:30 - Weller Special Reserve Review
37:45 - Analysis and Final Thoughts

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