About Film & Whiskey

Hosts Bob Book and Brad Gee met in college, where they eventually became roommates. Life circumstances brought them to the same grad school in Kentucky, and that's where they fell in love with whiskey and started the podcast.
The premise is simple: even better than arguing about a movie over a glass of whiskey is doing it with one of your best friends.


79% Male
67% Ages 23-34
82% USA residents

About the Hosts

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Brad Gee

Brad was also introduced to movies by his dad, but has a much different movie education: classic Hollywood and Westerns are right up his alley. Brad hasn't seen many of the films discussed on the podcast, and part of the fun is in hearing his unbiased take.

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Bob Book


Bob grew up watching movies of all kinds, mostly with his dad. In high school, he became a fully-fledged film nerd, making and watching films regularly. He's since cooled it on his dreams to be Spielberg, and instead loves to teach about and discuss film with anyone who will listen.