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Recommend and it was amazing

I was recommended for this podcast by my friends and I’m glad I was. Recommend for this podcast it was amazing and truly my favorite podcast thanks to the humor by the two boys, the topics on classical movies (especially the Star Wars one for may the 4th) and the whisky. Pop open a Pepsi and relax to these guys RECOMMEND!!!

Best podcast I heard

Amazing as heck. The two friends are so great and hilarious and are childhood friends near. Recommended

Lifelong friends podcast is amazing

No words thanks to the amazing chemistry and the topics on classic movies it helps me out with a awful day at work and afterwords on the ride home.

My review

I was recommended by a friend to listen to this podcast and it was a great choice as the episodes on Clint Eastwood was amazing and interesting to listen too and your guys chemistry as people say is really great and sweat and funny. 5/5


If you haven't seen and heard this podcast then you need to check it out. Grab some whisky, something to do, and relax to listen these boys talk classical movies and for me I grab a drink of Pepsi and relax to listen to the podcast. Pop me a whiskey huh?


If you haven't seen and heard this podcast then you need to check it out. Grab some whisky, something to do, and relax to listen these boys talk classical movies and for me I grab a drink of Pepsi and relax to listen to the podcast. Pop me a whiskey huh?

An amazing podcast

One of the Greatest podcasts I have ever heard Thanks to the boys and the amazing chemistry and jokes I recommend this to anyone who hasn’t check this podcast out

One the best podcasts I have listen too

Amazing chemistry, interesting topics, and I listen to the podcast every day during my lunch breaks and I recommend this podcast to anyone who hasn't listen to this podcast

Informative, fun, and expanding my understanding

I've really enjoyed this podcast since I've been told about it. The dynamics of the hosts brings some good balance and humor, and helps me see the differing sides of whiskey. Two of my favorite things are good movies and a stiff drink, and this podcast showed me just how far I was from truly understanding my ability to enjoy those things. The host have helped a lot during boring drives, cleaning sprees, and being lost in the woods by providing interesting tid bits, sharing good classic movies, and helping me better understand what my palate is experiencing with my guilty pleasure.

Best Podcast I have read

Definitely a really amazing podcast with the two host having great chemistry and funny moments I listen to this when cleaning around the house, on the bus, and on a car ride. Thanks

You guys are amazing!!

Definitely my favorites with many of the episodes fun to watch when cleaning the room or dishes Definitely helps me out thank you for this podcast


Slick talks

Film & Whiskey

I’ve been listening to this podcast since I started getting into whiskey, and it is one of my favorites. The banter back and forth paired with the knowledge of both cinema and whiskey makes for an entertaining and educational listen every week.

Great Chemistry

These two have electric chemistry, which translates to an amazing podcast!

100% Biased BUT...

I had the pleasure of getting to know these two goons in college. Imagine my delight at being able to listen to them share their hot takes on beloved films like E.T. and debate (read: squabble over) whether Casablanca or Star Wars should be ranked higher in the world of film. With distinctive tastes, Brad and Bob review acclaimed films and a variety of whiskeys, often coming to very different conclusions. As only an occasional whiskey drinker, I still find their reviews accessible and engaging. Thanks to them, I have a growing list of whiskeys to try -and also know a few that just aren’t worth the cash. I’m 100% biased, true, but I’d say they’re worth a listen.

Awesome concept!

I just found this recently and it’s awesome! Love the movie reviews and the concept of this podcast is amazing. Wish I would have thought of this before! Lol


I enjoy listening at work.

Great Interview!

I just finished listening to the episode featuring Peggy Noes Stevens, and loved it! Such great questions were asked, well done!

Great Reviewers

This podcast is amazing! The guys do a great job providing an entertaining venture into the world of whiskey while reviewing some great movies. Their reviews are in depth and enjoyable. 10/10 recommended for those who love movies or whiskey. Or if you just want a fun and cool podcast.

What else could you ask for?

Only downside is that now I have too many whiskeys and movies I need to get to. Not a bad problem to have!

Pass the Whiskey

As an avid lover of whiskey and movies (especially combined) I really enjoy this show!

Fun Reviews!

Bob and Brad are great! Their movie reviews are all entertaining, funny, witty, and really enjoyable. It’s hard to have personality and chemistry permeate to the listener, but they nail it. Their movie passion always shines and their novice whiskey reviews are also great. Looking forward to more!

Producer Eric

I mean, this is a 100% biased post; however, aside from them letting me talk about whiskey, my second-favorite beverage behind wine, on their podcast, they are two of the most genuine dudes you’ll ever meet, and they’re both fair and honest about their films and their whiskeys! What more could you ask of two pious gents who befriended a scoundrel such as myself?!