April 27, 2020

Awakenings / Ezra Brooks

Awakenings / Ezra Brooks

Bob and Brad continue their series of Robin Williams films with the little-seen 1990 film Awakenings. Despite its several Oscar nominations, including one for Best Actor for Robert De Niro, this film seems to have been somewhat forgotten in the 30 years since its release. Our hosts discuss the ethics of the film's central medical drama, the highs and (very) lows of the script, and whether director Penny Marshall is able to stick the landing.

Meanwhile, the guys plow ahead with the Springtime of Swill, this time trying Ezra Brooks, a popular brand, especially due t it pricier, more well-received cousin, Old Ezra 7-Year. Does the 90-proof variety stack up?

0:00 - Intro and Initial Thoughts
24 :55 - Ezra Brooks Proof Review
33:00- Analysis and Final Thoughts

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