March 14, 2022

Rocky IV / Barrell Seagrass

Rocky IV / Barrell Seagrass
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Bob and Brad go all-in on Rocky IV, perhaps the most ridiculous thing to ever appear on this podcast. A film both terrible and amazing, this effort from director-writer-star Sylvester Stallone features a man who pretends to be a robot, and an actual robot in a romantic relationship with a man. The guys discuss the film's many great quotes, the almost universally awful performances, and their unabashed love for its over-the-top energy.

Meanwhile, they sip on Barrell Seagrass, a blend of ryes finished in three different kinds of barrels. This whiskey has received raves and awards form the moment it as released. How will it be evaluated by our hosts?

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Theme music: "New Shoes" by Blue Wednesday

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