June 7, 2021

Apocalypse Now / JW Dant Bottled-in-Bond

Apocalypse Now / JW Dant Bottled-in-Bond
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Bob and Brad wrap up their series of 1970s classics with the 1979 war epic Apocalypse Now. Known as much for its troubled production as for the end product, this Francis Ford Coppola film spans a number of genres, from satire to psychedelia, in its attempts to replicate the chaos of Vietnam as a backdrop to the narrative of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Brad has loved a number of the 1970s films, but strongly disliked others. Where will he fall on this one?

Meanwhile, they visit Crafted Cocktail Co. in Wadsworth, OH to sample JW Dant Bottled-in-Bond. This Heaven Hill product costs just $13 and is known for being a huge value. But how good is it, exactly?

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