Aug. 17, 2020

Toy Story / The Whistler Irish Whiskey

Toy Story / The Whistler Irish Whiskey
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Fresh off another Tom Hanksfilm, Bob and Brad revisit Pixar's first feature film, 1995's Toy Story. A movie that was vital to both of their childhoods, this film prompts quite a bit of reflection as adults--is it a metaphor for parenthood? Aside from the philosophy of it all, Bob and Brad discuss how far computer animation has come in 25 years, as well as whether this one holds up against some of Pixar's best.

Meanwhile, they sample a flight of three whiskeys provided by The Whistler. The show has leaned pretty heavily into Irish whiskey this season, which should be a dream for Brad. Will this week's offering continue that trend, or be a rude awakening?

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