July 15, 2019

The Lion King / Henry McKenna Single Barrel

The Lion King / Henry McKenna Single Barrel
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Bob and Brad revisit their childhoods in honor of the 25th anniversary of Disney's The Lion King. They discuss the philosophy of the Circle of Life, the importance of Jeremy Irons to the cast, and question the role of genetics in lion prides. Seriously, is Nala Simba's half-sister, or what?

They break to try out a whiskey that won Best in Show at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Henry McKenna Single Barrel Bottled-in-Bond. How real is the hype on this one? Is it worth it at secondary prices now that it's hard to find on store shelves? Most importantly, does it live up to the gold medal standard? The guys break down their thoughts.

After the break, they analyze what it means to take ownership and responsibility, and whether the Circle of Life mentality promotes inherent class and race problems. Bob also compares the structure and themes to Black Panther.

0:00 - Intro and Initial Thoughts
28:50 - Henry McKenna Review
39:00 - Analysis and Final Thoughts

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