March 23, 2020

The Iron Giant / Canadian Mist

The Iron Giant / Canadian Mist

Bob and Brad are joined by frequent guest host Jordan McCain to look back on director Brad Bird's The Iron Giant, a non-Disney animated classic of the laste 90s. They discuss the dynamite lead vocal performance of Eli Marienthal, as well as the merits of a Jennifer Aniston vocal. They also wonder if the voice of the Giant, Vin Diesel, gets paid on a per-word basis.

Meanwhile, they kick off the start of spring with a series they're calling the Springtime of Swill, where they'll be drinking legitimately bottom-shelf whiskeys. Today, they're trying Canadian Mist, only the second Canadian whisky to be featured on the show. How will they react to a whisky that only cost each of them one dollar?

0:00 - Intro and Initial Thoughts
24:05 - Canadian Mist Review
37:15 - Analysis and Final Thoughts

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