Dec. 5, 2022

The Bridge on the River Kwai / Jameson Cold Brew

The Bridge on the River Kwai / Jameson Cold Brew

Bob and Brad continue their mini-series of three films by director David Lean, with his 1957 classic The Bridge in the River Kwai. This rousing epic about British and American soldiers in a Japanese POW camp may seem similar to films like The Great Escape, but Lean's anti-war streak and the film's focus on hubris and shame make this a much more nuanced experience. Our hosts discuss William Holden as an actor versus as a movie star, while heaping praise on the subtleties in Alec Guinness' brilliant performance

Meanwhile, they try a whiskey-that-isn't-really-a-whiskey in Jameson Cold Brew. "Infused" with coffee beans, is this more of a liqueur, or a cordial, than a real whiskey? What will this mean for our hosts' scores?

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