April 13, 2020

Mrs. Doubtfire / Very Old Barton 90

Mrs. Doubtfire / Very Old Barton 90
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Bob and Brad kick off four weeks honoring the work of the late Robin Williams with his best-known live-action character, Mrs. Doubtfire. This is Brad's first time watching the film in one sitting, and both hosts find the movie flawed despite Williams' brilliance. Of particular note is that this is the third film this season by director Chris Columbus. How will it stack up against the first two Harry Pottermovies?

Meanwhile, they continue their Springtime of Swill series with a familiar budget brand: Very Old Barton. They've tried the 80- and 86-proof varieties, and are now upping the alcohol content to the 90-proof variety. Is it noticeably different from the 86? Is it worth the money? Or will it truly be labeled "swill?"

0:00 - Intro and Initial Thoughts
27:30 - Very Old Barton 90 Review
37:30 - Analysis and Final Thoughts

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