Nov. 2, 2020

Coco / Stagg Jr.

Coco / Stagg Jr.
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Bob and Brad mark the end of the Dia de los Muertos celebration with a look at one of their favorite Pixar films, 2017's Coco. This under-seen gem didn't light the box office on fire in the same manner as other Pixar movies, but it may just be the best one of the bunch. The guys go in-depth on the movies underlying philosophy, and finally find a use for their four college degrees when they tie in ancient and non-Western sociology to the mix. Basically, it's a fun time.

Also, they drink Stagg Jr., a bourbon that continues to increase in stature among those in the know, especially as an alternative to the BTAC expression, George T. Stagg. Will Batch 12 of Stagg Jr, widely regarded as their finest offering, stack up against other great bourbons they've tried on the show?

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For a great discussion of the "dyadic personality," check out this paper.

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