Aug. 19, 2019

Catch Me If You Can / Bulleit Rye

Catch Me If You Can / Bulleit Rye

For their 25th episode, Bob and Brad watch the criminally underrated 2002 caper Catch Me If You Can. Critics are finally reevaluating this gem and arguing that it might be one of director Steven Spielberg's best films. The guys discuss how well the movie holds up, while still admitting that there are a few flaws.

Topics of discussion include Tom Hanks in a true supporting role, what's going on witht hat weird Boston accent, the always underappreciated Amy Adams, and that weird hooker sequence with Jennifer Garner.

Meanwhile, they take a stab at rye whiskey again, this time opting for the very affordable Bulleit Rye. For two guys who don't go in on the stuff, how will this rye hold up in their reviews?

0:00 - Intro and Initial Thoughts
24:55 - Bulleit Rye Review
32:50 - Analysis and Final Thoughts

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