April 6, 2020

Casino Royale / Ancient Age

Casino Royale / Ancient Age
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Bob and Brad prepare for Bond 25, the upcoming No Time to Die, by going back to where it all started for the Daniel Craig era: 2006's Casino Royale. They discuss director Martin Campbelland how he stacks up against the golden boy of the series, Skyfalldirector Sam Mendes. They also go on a lengthy discussion of Craig as 007, and how much you can change about a character before he's an entirely different character altogether. They both, however, sing the praises of Eva Green, a counterpart to Bond who absolutely holds her own in every scene.

Meanwhile, the guys continue the Springtime of Swill with Ancient Age,a bottom-shelf bourbon whose name might seem familiar--last season they reviewed its cousin, Ancient Ancient Age. How will this one stack up to that bargain favorite?

0:00 - Intro and Initial Thoughts
25:10 - Ancient Age Review
32:50 - Analysis and Final Thoughts

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