Aug. 10, 2020

Apollo 13 / Seagram's 7 Crown

Apollo 13 / Seagram's 7 Crown
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Bob and Brad watch Ron Howard's Oscar-nominated 1995 film Apollo 13, and wonder why this doesn't get more attention when it comes to lists of great American films.They discuss what it means that Howard makes movies about the Everyman, for the Everyman and as an Everyman, before delving into the rock-solid performances from Tom Hanks et al

Meanwhile, in a first for the podcast, they managed to get their hands on some Seagram's 7 Crown from 1969(!) and sample it side-by-side with a 2019 bottle of the same product. How has 50 years in a bottle changed this ever-popular whiskey?

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Theme music: "New Shoes" by Blue Wednesday

Transition music: In Real Timeby Martin $ky

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