Aug. 5, 2019

Amadeus / Redbreast 12 (with Bonus Interview)

Amadeus / Redbreast 12 (with Bonus Interview)

As it celebrates the big 3-5, Bob and Brad look at 1984's best Picture winner, Amadeus. This is a film that's still extremely well-regarded, even though it seems a lot of people haven't heard of it. The guys discuss whether it holds up, whether it's as stuffy as the subject matter suggests, and just what on earth is going on with those american accents.

Along the way, they dissect director Milos Forman's decision to create a director's cut of the film and yank the original cut completely from home video circulation. Should directors be allowed to limit the public's access to theatrical versions of their films?

Also, who gives the better performance: F. Murray Abraham as Salieri or Tom Hulce as Mozart?

Meanwhile, they return to Ireland to try Redbreast 12, an absolute classic of Irish whiskey. But at a steep price and at only 80-proof, is it worth it?

Finally, enjoy a bonus interview with Justin Sloan, founder and owner of Justins' House of Bourbon, the coolest liquor store in Lexington, KY.

0:00 - Intro and Initial Thoughts
23:30 - Redbreast 12 Review
31:00 - Analysis and Final Thoughts
41:35 - Interview with Justin Sloan, Justins' House of Bourbon

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